Hi, my name is Eli. I love traveling and sharing my experiences, so I put this blog together. So far I’ve been to over thirty five countries in five continents. Some of it was awesome. Some of it was scary. I believe no matter where you go, there’s a new adventure awaiting.

I’m currently somewhere in Central America. My trip started in El Salvador and will end in Belize – but I’m letting you (yes you!) make all the big decisions in between. As much as I love visiting new places, I hate having to decide what to do, especially when there are so many great options. So, I decided to let my friends (and whoever else finds this blog) make dictate the course of my journey. Every few days, I’ll create a poll with some interesting possibilities and whatever wins is what I do (no matter how painful or inconvenient it might be) and then I’ll write about what happened. Simple, right?

I know this is a lot of responsibility, but I feel a very special connection between us and want you to know that I trust you to point me in the right direction. Subscribe to the blog and vote and comment and share this stuff with your friends! They might have good ideas of where I should go next! You can also follow me on twitter/vine/youtube at elinewell. That’s my gmail too – so if you don’t want to comment but you just gotta share a recipe or a weird dream, email me!

Thanks for visiting and being a part of this fun experiment!



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  1. That is zen Eli – finding “comfort on the discomfort” of travel belly….you are the master. Green bananas are the international go to 😉 my vote is to keep distance from the trash site unless/ until you have a stable stomach…volcanic beach sounds great, but is there a social option with the Swedes? I’m all about that! Travel adventures and sunrise, j

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