Ballot Stuffing and Waterfalls

I left the D&D Brewery today but not before heading out to Pulhapanzak Falls to get my ass kicked by a waterfall. Carlos took me under the falls and into an uneventful little cave behind the falls. Getting there was the adventure. The spray is blinding and the force of the water sucks the oxygen out of your lungs. Here’s a quick 25 second clip.


After the falls, I returned to D&D to pack up, have some lunch and check last night’s poll to see where you guys were sending me. Before the falls, the Jungle Book River Tour was in the lead with 12 votes. At lunch, Copan Ruins was up  with 98 votes. Right now it’s at around 250. I forgot to activate the ‘one vote per person’ feature. I discussed my dilemma with my brewery friends and we decided it’d be best to head to Copan tonight and take the river tour afterward. SO, I’m in a little hotel in a little crossroads town three hours from Copan. I made it as far as I could before the busses stopped running.

I’m pretty sure whoever did all that voting lives in Copan and is probably a sexy lady who wants to take me out dancing. If this is true, send me an email – – and please be a sexy lady.




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