Honduras Shake

photo-1Last night, I went to sleep confident that I’d be spending the day exploring the ruins of Copan – not directing a Harlem Shake video at the D&D Brewery in the middle of Nowheresville, Honduras. I guess Bobby, the owner of the brewery, got an alert when I linked to D&D and consequently found my poll. He rallied his friends and “Jungle Brewery” won by a landslide. A printout of the results was waiting for me on the door when I showed up.

I have to say I was quite skeptical about taking a day out to check out a remote brewery BUT I’ve had a blast since I got here. Within ten minutes, I had a room, a beer, and a great meal. Within thirty minutes, I was directing a Harlem Shake video with Bobby, his employees and most of the guests of the brewery. (and a horse. and a tuk-tuk.) Not bad.

mellomamerika010710-334-575x382Tomorrow I’m getting up early to get wet at Pulhapanzak Falls. I’ve heard good things. You hire a guide and go behind the falls and get your ass kicked by the water but supposedly it’s amazing. A girl I spoke with tonight got super excited as told me “you get back there and then you can’t breathe because of the force of the water and you start to freak out but it’s amazing.” I can’t wait. After the falls, I have a number of options. With very little time left on this trip, my gut is telling me to get into Guatemala. Most people I speak to say it’s their favorite country and there’s so much to see. BUT, this trip is a democracy and there are more things to do and see in Honduras as well so let’s vote on it…

1.Stay in town and check out the PulhaNation music festival this Saturday. Electronic Dance Music and a waterfall lit up with lasers from 4pm Saturday to 7am Sunday… You guys know how much I love EDM, right?

2. Take off tomorrow right after the waterfalls and book it to the northern Guatemalan border so on Saturday I can take a real life Jungle Book river tour ending in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. From there it’s easy to head north to the beautiful city of Flores and the amazing ruins of Tikal.

3. Take off tomorrow right after the waterfalls and head further south to Copan, Honduras to check out the Mayan Ruins there.

4. Stick around tomorrow after the waterfalls, rent a jetski and have an amazing afternoon – then leave early early Saturday morning for Guatemala.

I’ll check results when I get back from the waterfalls tomorrow!

PS – I just found out I funded one hell of a pizza party in Managua… I didn’t notice until now that my credit card was missing. One of the charges was for $561 at a pizzeria in Nicaragua. I’m so glad it was pizza and not something lame…



One response to “Honduras Shake

  1. I think the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles swiped your card. No one else on earth could eat that much pizza.

    Glad to have you on board for the video, Eli. That was a blast!

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