It’s 10:15pm on a Tuesday. I’m in Leon, Nicaragua. At this moment, I’m sweating through my sheets on the bottom bunk in a room filled with bunk beds. The bar is directly outside this room. House music is cranking over the dude-bros yelling and cheering about the flip cup game a hostel employee just organized. Every asinine conversation you ever had as a youth when you thought you were being deep is simultaneously happening in at least one corner of this building at this very second. If you’re looking to score some cocaine, I can point to at least two shirtless flip-cup dudes who have clearly solved this riddle. One of them just screamed out the only spanish word I’ve heard all night, “MAS BEER!” I guess what I’m trying to say is… I’m too old for hostels.
Last night I stayed in a nice hotel with air conditioning and two balconies. They were out of rooms for tonight so I had to check out before going volcano boarding. Yes, volcano boarding. It’s like sledding but instead of snow, you hike up an active, steaming volcano and ride a board down the steep fine black gravel slope. This volcano, Cerro Negro, redeemed volcanoes for me. Easy 40min up and super fun going down. The record is about 60mph. I probably hit 35 at my fastest. I’m not a champion volcano boarder but I’m happy with my performance today. Tired and filthy from my new favorite sport, I checked into the Bigfoot Hostel – knowing full well I was entering a fratty, beer fueled idiot convention.
I fly back to LA in 15 days and I still have three countries to explore. This sunk in today so went to the Tica bus station with German Mike from my volcano boarding team and we bought tickets to Honduras. His is to Tegucigalpa, mine is to San Pedro Sula, arguably one of the most dangerous cities in the world. My thought was to spend the night there and then head north in the morning to the Honduran island of Utila in the Caribbean to learn how to scuba dive. A drunk Aussie girl changed my mind on that though… She said the diving in Utila is shit and I should wait for Belize and really she saw the most sea creatures while snorkeling in Belize and here’s a picture of her hugging a nurse shark. Her scabby legs from the swarms of Utila biting sand flies along with the possibility to hug a nurse shark convinced me to skip Utila. BUT, now I have a bus ticket to the most dangerous city in the world. Guys, what am I going to do? In addition to Honduras, I still have the beaches and caves of Belize and the ruins and lakes of Guatemala to explore. 15 days. 14 actually, my flight out is in the morning.
Tomorrow I might try to get off the bus somewhere between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula to check out a brewery in the middle of the jungle that everybody seems to be talking about. My buddy Mitch first brought it the D&D Brewery/Hotel to my attention and since then, I’ve heard about it from a number of travelers. I’m not sure… Maybe I’ll go all the way and buy a rocket launcher in San Pedro Sula.
I have a lot more to catch up on but it’s getting late and my taxi is at 5am tomorrow.
If you have any other Honduras ideas, let me know! (hopefully in the next 6 hours…)

One response to “MAS BEER!!!

  1. You should have gone with German Maik! But since you didn’t…go for Utila 1) You survived conception and I know deep down you loved it 2) you’re tougher than a drunk Shark hugging Aussie girl

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