Alka-AD, the Plumber’s Best Friend

These little blue pills? Alka-AD. The AD is for Anti-Diarreico. That’s Spanish for Leak Stopper. I feel great. Last night was rough so in my sleep deprived haze, I copied down a google translation of a much-too-detailed description of what was happening with my insides and how much I’d appreciate some help and please forgive me for not speaking much Spanish. The woman at the Farmacia was dressed like a sexy/slutty referee. Seriously, full on shorts and very revealing ref shirt. It was weird. Especially given the circumstances that brought me to her, I didn’t expect it. Anyway, She sold me these magic blue pills and now I feel great.

Riding the wave of Alka AD confidence I went out for a proper meal for the first time in days and what did I get? PUPPIES! In case you don’t know, there are tons of dogs running around the streets of Latin America keeping busy checking on things and making sure things are okay and napping and doing whatever else it is that dogs do. Tonight I was honored with not one but two puppy waiters who sat with me for my whole meal making sure I really enjoyed it. (The chicken was a bit dry but I pretended to love it so as not to make a fuss.)

Tomorrow I’m climbing the taller of the two volcanoes on this island. It is only accessible with a guide so after dinner inquired at a super crunchy hostel offering Volcan Tours. I signed up with a French Canadian named Saggy. Saggy’s ponytail transitions to a dreadlock halfway down his back. He politely offered to make me a volcano proof sandwich and then sold me some granola.

After tomorrow’s hike, my dance card is empty. There are so many choices, I don’t even know how to structure a poll. I can stay on the island and rent a motorcycle and go look at ancient petroglyphs made by ancient people in ancient times, I can go check out the literary fair in Grenada, the hippy music festival on the beach down south, volcano boarding up north, back to Managua, stay on a coffee plantation, so much – and this is just in Nicaragua. I still have three other countries to cover!

I’ll keep it to three choices for now. After I conquer the volcano do I…

1. Catch the Friday midnight Ferry to Granada – a beautiful colonial town on the lake. Arrive around 4:30, get some coffee, check into a hotel, have a nap, then explore the town for a day before heading to Leon on Sunday.

2. Spend Saturday on the island, rent a motorcycle and tool around to cool beaches and waterfalls and swimming holes before leaving for Leon on Sunday morning.

3. Quit wasting time – catch the early ferry Saturday morning and make my way up to Leon for volcano boarding and maybe a little more beach time before heading up to Honduras.

4. Other? Leave a comment of what you think I should do.

As always, thanks for your input! Please send me your thoughts!


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