Busses, Borders and My Achilles B-Hole

Guys, I’m in Managua and I’m having a hard time. It’s Wednesday, right? I’ve had two days of diarrhea and vicious cramps. It’s miserable but oddly comforting in a way that is hard to explain. Getting sick abroad comes with a blanket of memories of every other time I’ve been sick abroad – puking off a roof in the African desert, hallucinating and trying to fight teenage interns at a tiny hospital on the Turkish coast, counting 20 mosquitoes on my hand before passing out on the toilet in Nukus, Uzbekistan, on and on… Memories of past adventures where I went through much worse helps put this in perspective.

1. Machete Present. 2. Kissing Cows. 3. Garbage Truck. 4. Electric Shower

Anyway… After barely sleeping Monday night, I decided the smartest thing to do would be to take a 12 hour bus ride to Nicaragua. (I couldn’t fit my machete blade so I left it under the mattress for the next guest. Great present, right?) I landed a upper deck front row seat for this largely uneventful trip from San Salvador through Honduras to Managua. We got in around 2am, I talked a cabbie down from $30 to $4 for a ride and split a taxi with my new Swedish friends to a nearby hostel.

I’m heading south today to the twin Volcano islands of Ometepe for hiking, kayaking and sight seeing. I haven’t posted a poll in a bit – I’ll get one up tonight. I’m looking for input from you guys. This blog is an experiment – I want it to be truly interactive and participatory. There’s cool touristy stuff I want to do but there’s also cool stuff in Nica in general. You can call it Nica once you’ve been here. (It feels pretty great.)

After these volcanoes I want to do something off the beaten path like stay with a family on a coffee plantation or ride in the back of a pickup through Honduras or visit the garbage city at a dump outside Managua. I’ll get some ideas together but I’d love to hear from you – leave comments or email me and I’ll make it happen!

UPDATE: For those of you unfamiliar with cutting edge shower technology, the electric shower in the picture is a shower head that electronically heats your cold water to give you a zippy hot shower whenever you need one. Aren’t those exposed wires dangerous? No, dummy, that’s how you know it’s a bona fide electric shower and not some cheap knock off.


3 responses to “Busses, Borders and My Achilles B-Hole

    • Mitch – that looks amazing. Have you been? From everything I’ve been hearing and reading, Honduras is pretty dangerous and not well equipped for visitors so it’s great to find a place like this. I’ll definitely swing through and let you know how it is. -E

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