Dear San Salvador, I’m in Love.

Saturday night was huge in El Tunco. The beach and bars were flooded with locals coming in from San Salvador to party all night. When I arrived on Friday and met Zeus, I asked him if anything was going on. He told me nobody ever knows… just listen for car alarms. They started going off around 11pm and went all night. When I walked out of the Papaya Lodge around 1pm today people were finally getting up. Zeus or Hula Girl were nowhere to be found.

Waiting for the bus at the main road I met Eugenia (pronounced O-Henee-a). She was delightful little pillow of a woman whose phone died and she missed her ride back to San Salvador. Her English was about as good as my Spanish so we got along swimmingly. I lent her my backup battery for her phone and she helped me navigate the INSANE busses of San Salvador. When old school busses are retired in the US, they find new life and fancy new paint jobs in El Salvador.

I mention true love in the title of this post. Eugenia was delightful but she’s not the object of my affections. Calm down. She dropped me off and split. I set eyes on my future wife at the end of a walk around the neighborhood. The street fair near my hotel was having a dance and music exhibition. This is a little taste of the magic:

I’ll post another video as soon as it uploads. I don’t know if she was part of the show or just a dedicated audience member whose sick moves scared off any competition. Don’t worry about that. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that this lady is a goddamn force of nature.

I don’t know what else to say here. The rest of my night was uneventful. I tried going to the circus but missed it by a week. The cinema was closed… I found out too late that I missed Metal Fest in a town an hour away and some sort of Luchador show. I promise to do better research. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I’ll put a new poll up soon. Tomorrow I’m heading to a huge market on a mission to buy the best machete in El Salvador. Wish me luck.


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